Sustainable Enterprises

Building Sustainable Business Models

Our work is based on simple business principles. We use a measured approach to understand the needs of the poor and develop sustainable solutions that meet their needs.

We identify a local problem among the poor and unbanked.

We incubate Social Enterprises to co-create a solution.

We help implement a solution for a sustainable path out of the problem.

We help scale the solution to reach more people.

Incubating Innovative Social Enterprises

We help develop strong, sustainable enterprises to deliver lasting solutions to those living in poverty.

We use our proven methodologies to nurture and guide them from inception to long term sustainability. With a strong focus on scale and replicability, enterprises can deliver affordable solutions to those living in poverty, especially in rural environments.

Facilitating Impact at Scale

We are committed to sharing our knowledge in order to
facilitate greater impact in the world. Over the past 8 years,
we have helped develop business models that are
intrinsically local yet effectively global. We share these
models so that they can be adapted and scaled up by others
wherever there is a need. If you would like to learn more
about one (or more) of our models, please get in touch. If you
have a better model, please let us know!