Sustainable Livelihoods

Building Sustainable Livelihoods

For people living in poverty around the world, life is like the ancient Indian game of Snakes and Ladders. If you hit the bottom of a ladder, you will go up. If you hit the head of a snake, you will tumble down. Likewise, if the breadwinner of a poor household is taken ill or a farmer experiences a poor crop season, it is like hitting a snake’s head: the family can’t earn enough income to support themselves and remain in a state of poverty. To progress out of poverty, we believe that households need access to more ladders.

Path out of Poverty

There is no silver bullet, no 100-yard sprint. Progressing out of poverty is a long journey requiring multiple solutions across different sectors. We believe that the first step on this journey is for households to attain a stable mode of income generation which they can use to invest in affordable basic services like healthcare and education. With access to these services, the poor can begin to climb the ladders out of poverty. We call this our Path out of Poverty Model, and we collaborate with social enterprises to deliver solutions to empower the poor within these seven sectors.